Wizkid Owns “One Dance” Song – Seyi Shay | Read Wizkid’s Response

Wizkid Owns “One Dance” Song – Seyi Shay | Read Wizkid’s Response

Seyi Shay, but of late she has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Whether it’s the case of her pronouncing “T.W.O” as “TU-WO” or is it when she actually said “EP” stands for “Electric Package” when all musicians know E.P stands for “Extended Play”. The list goes on if you look into it properly.

You would think she would pipe-down with this quite shameful utterances which goes to show how shallow she is in thought, but NO….she just keeps on doing it again and again.

The latest one she just did is going on air with DJ Akademiks during her visit to Kingston, Jamaica and said on national television that “One Dance, a song owned by Drake, was actually Wizkid‘s song”. And she went on and on about how Wizkid wrote the entire song, and Drake stripped all the Afrobeats away from the song.

Frankly, this is not the type of claim you make on an interview, especially when the claim isn’t true which makes it even more ridiculous.

Trust Wizkid to quickly defend himself against the false accusation as he responded in an instant on twitter.

“Don’t say what you know nothing about! #shutup!”

A typical case of “Spanking the child with the left hand and drawing them close with the right hand” – as it should be. Because at the end of the day, it’s all LOVE!

Few minutes later Seyi Shay apologized to Wiz – as it should also be…LOL


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