Trend Alert – Lingerie As Outer Wear

The word lingerie derives from the French word linge, meaning ‘linen’. So faire le linge, comes to mean “do the laundry”. In French the word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either sex. In English it means women’s underwear or nightclothes. Lingerie as a word was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922. Informal usage suggests visually appealing or even erotic clothing. Although most lingerie is designed to be worn by women, some manufactures now design lingerie for men.

Now lets get to the real deal, we would all come to a conclusion that the lingerie as outer wear is most trending in every corner of the fashion globe and we are loving it. Celebrities like the kardashians, ashley graham, mariah carey, rihanna,etc. are making it seem easy to pull, and yes we agree with them. The most interesting aspects of this trend is the “sexy can be simple” and all body types are allowed to come through.

Lets look at 5 different ways you can style the trend according to celebrities.

  1. Khloe Kardashian wearing an overall lingerie in HOT red. There is no better way of wearing this.
  2. Rihanna wearing a slip dress. she accessories it with basically anything such as baseball caps, sneakers, rings, etc.
  3. Mariah Carey in a full corset. MARIAH has done it again, she is one beautiful woman who is proud of her body regardless,
  4. Ashley Graham wears a bra and sheers it to make it look even more sexy. What better combination is there to bra and sheer.
  5. Victoria Beckham in a lingerie inspired dress.
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