Tara Fela-Durotoye, Deola Sagoe, Adenike Ogunlesi & More African Leading Female Entrepreneurs Discuss Female Empowerment in SCHICK Magazine

Tara Fela-Durotoye, Deola Sagoe, Adenike Ogunlesi & More African Leading Female Entrepreneurs Discuss Female Empowerment in SCHICK Magazine

The “Power Issue” which is the debut edition of SCHICK Magazine, celebrates some of African female leading entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry who are making impacts and changing female perspectives in these areas.

Leading female entrepreneurs like Deola Sagoe, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Adenike Ogunlesi, Oke Maduewesi, Reni Folawiyo, Iona McCreath, Folake Coker and Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu discuss female empowerment and the driving forces behind their successes, in the “Power Issue”.


Deola Sagoe

What Makes you Feel Powerful in your own Role on a Day-To-Day Basis?

I would say I feel empowered by the sheer enormity of untapped potential in the industry, that’s so glaring to me. I am so passionate about bringing these potentials to life with, using the talents that Almighty God has bestowed upon me.

Oke Maduewesi

What did it take to be where you are today?

Being driven, having the passion for succeeding and believing in my capabilities. Also, having a great team! It didn’t take just me, it took everyone else for us to get this far. Understanding your market, being customer driven and aligning with their needs is the key to success. Everything I have said and done so far would not have been possible without grace from God. My faith has played a major role in what I have become today. For that, I am grateful. I am also thankful for my family as their support contributed to where I am today.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

What is the Spirit of African Women in Business?

The spirit of African Woman is multifacet. I believe African women bring a dynamic combination that encompasses creativity, entrepreneurialism, authenticity and a depth of skill sets to business that is unique and vibrant. That’s why we see very interesting companies and brands being driven by women., emerging from across the continent. In the fashion category, it is being deeply felt. The global customer today is hyper-aware; They want authentic products from authentic brands with real stories and a unique point of view. In the fashion space, African women understand this and are delivering on these need in the most incredible and inspiring ways.


Deola Sagoe, Nigeria: Founder of House of Deola, a womenswear label
Tara Fela-Durotoye, Nigeria: Founder of House of Tara, a beauty and cosmetics brand
Adenike Ogunlesi, Nigeria: Founder of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, a children’s clothing label
Oke Maduwesi, Nigeria: Founder of Zaron Cosmetics, a hair and beauty cosmetics brand
Reni Folawiyo, Nigeria: Founder of Alara Lagos, a luxury shopping destination
Iona McCreath, Kenya: Founder of Kikoti, a youth clothing line for KikoRomeo label
Folake Coker, Nigeria: Founder of Tiffany Amber, a clothing and lifestyle brand
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Ethiopia: Founder of Sole Rebels, an eco-sensitive footwear brand

Photography: Kola Oshalusi | @kolaOshalusi
All Make-up: Zaron Cosmetics | @Zaroncosmetics
Make-up for Tara Fela-Durotoye: House of Tara | @houseoftara

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