Reekado Banks Reveals His Father Warned Him Not To Leave Jesus Christ

Reekado Banks Reveals His Father Warned Him Not To Leave Jesus Christ

Reekado Banks recently had an interview with Sunday Scoop, where he talked about how his parents reacted when he told them his decision to go into music, what has changed about him since he became a star , the healthy competition in his Record Label, Mavins, among others.


On His Parents Reaction When He Told Them He Was Venturing Into Secular Music:

“My parents have always been supportive and they want the best for their children. When I initially told my mother about my intention, she had no problem with it. She then told my dad and he was okay with it too but said he wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t leave Jesus Christ.”

On What Has Changed About Him Since He Became Popular:

“I am still the same person I used to be. I do every other thing I want but I no longer have the liberty of walking on the street or going to some certain places I would have loved to go. I have always been the indoor type and even when I was in the University of Lagos, I never went to clubs or things like that.”

Maintaining That He Does Not Feel Threatened By Any Of His Label Mates:

“ The only thing I can say we have among us is healthy competition. We encourage ourselves to do well and we’re one big happy family. We give ourselves good pressure, like when one person releases a good song, the others are motivated to do the same, or even do better. We also advise ourselves on how to do better and we constantly look out for one anothers progress.”

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