Peace Hyde Shines on the Cover of Business Day’s “The CEO” Magazine

Peace Hyde Shines on the Cover of Business Day’s “The CEO” Magazine

Peace Hyde Shines on the Cover of Business Day’s “The CEO” Magazine

British-Ghanaian TV personality, Peace Hyde shines on the latest edition of The CEO Magazine by Business Day, she’s the newly appointed Forbes Africa Head of Digital Media and Partnerships/ Correspondent West Africa.

From her education non-profit, Aim Higher Africa where she provides skills training to impoverished youths to her climb up the corporate ladder, Peace Hyde has made a significant impact in the media space within a short period of time with numerous high-profile nominations as well as being recently voted as one of the United Nations 100 Most Influential People of African Descent.

In the latest issue of the magazine she shares her amazing journey so far and discusses the future of digital media in Africa.

Read excerpts:

On building her personal brand:

I am driven to make a change. A change in the way people perceive their abilities, a change in mindset and most importantly a change in societies expectation for young people. I want to contribute to the paradigm shift in the role the mindset plays in achieving your fullest potential. I believe in one fundamental principle, and that is through faith and God, all things are possible. You just need to add a sprinkle of hard work and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

On the evolution of the relationship between Influencer and Brand:

We are in a world where everything is possible. Ideas are a dime a dozen and originality are increasingly hard to come by. Technology has redefined the way we live; interact with each other and with products and services. At the heart of that change lies the relationship between the influencer and the brand, which has become increasingly important to drive awareness and sales.

I think as product lines become more fragmented coupled with globalization, organizations are beginning to find new ways of pushing their message to their intended target audience. The emergence of native ads is a testament to this. I believe this evolution will continue for some time. Community marketing and personalization are now strong aspects of the marketing mix and the only way to survive is to embrace this trend.

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