Mary J. Blige is the Cover Queen for the Latest Issue of W Magazine

Mary J. Blige is the Cover Queen for the Latest Issue of W Magazine

Mary J. Blige is the Cover Queen for the Latest Issue of W Magazine

American RnB legend, Mary J. Blige covers W Magazine‘s most recent issue, which was shot by artist Carrie Mae Weems.

The 46 year-old singer, is generating Oscar buzz for her role in “Mudbound” discussed how the role helped stripped her of her vanity. She said:

I didn’t realize how vain I was until I started working on Mudbound. Once I saw how my character, Florence, lived [in a shack on a farm in Mississippi], I thought, ‘Wow, I’m really a vain person’.

When I went to the movie set to do the first day of fittings, I was Mary J. Blige: I had just done a tour and a show, so I was all, you know, I had wigs and weaves and all sorts of things going on, and Dee Rees was like, “No! We want to see you. You can’t have a perm, you’re going to have minimal, minimal makeup.” And I was like, “What about lashes?” And she said no, and I was like, “Really? Florence doesn’t have lashes?”

That part was a lot! A lot! But once I tore away and sunk into the character, Florence actually gave Mary—me, the so-vain person—a little more confidence so that Mary didn’t feel like she needed to depend on all of that. I cut my hair really short. Florence really liberated me.

Mary J. also discussed her divorce. Asked by Weems where she sees herself going and what she wants now, she said:

I want, at some point, to not have to work so hard. I want peace of mind and acceptance of self, totally.

I know that’s an ongoing process, so every single day I’m working on that, and it’s been hard ever since this challenge I’m having with this divorce.

It was such a terrible thing. It made me see myself as “I have to be better than this”: I was never good enough; I was never pretty enough, smart enough. And there was someone chosen over me.

It was like, I can’t stay, but it really let me see, Mary, you are better than that. You have to continue to grow.

Read the full editorial on W Magazine.

Photo Credit: W Magazine.

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