Makeup DO’s and DON’T

Makeup DO’s and DON’T


-use a facial primer.
Always use primer first. Primer is the base for all of the other makeup that goes on your face. It is what will help your colours show up bolder and more vibrant.

-Clean your makeup brushes.
A good rule of thumb is to clean your makeup brushes every other week to get off any makeup residue and to avoid risking a rash or reaction on your face.

-Choose bright and fun colours.
Bright colours help you to look young and feel pretty

-right foundation shade.get your foundation matched to your skin by a professional


-Be extreme with your concealer shade

-overdo the makeup (simple is the new trend)

-avoid caking your foundation

-over tweeze your eyebrows

-put too much colours in your entire eyelid at once

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