Leonardo DiCaprio Parties At Clubs After 2016 Oscars Win

Leonardo DiCaprio Parties At Clubs After 2016 Oscars Win


The 41-year-old actor was spotted partying at a Los Angeles nightclub Friday night, days after winning his first Academy Award after being nominated for his acting roles four times over more than 20 years. DiCaprio was seen walking outside the venue with what appeared to be a group of male friends, with several ladies not far away.

He wore a black leather jacket over a blue patterned button-down shirt, blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a beige cap. The men seen with him were dressed similarly.

The actor was also seen leaving another club earlier this week. DiCaprio is often spotted at nightclubs and was seen at one in London a week before the Oscars. He left with three unidentified women. Also last month, DiCaprio was seen near a New York City club where Rihanna also partied. The two had sparked romance rumors last year.

DiCaprio’s Oscar win, given for his leading role in The Revenant, marked one of the most exciting moments of the 2016 Oscars, which took place last Sunday.

After the 2016 Oscars, DiCaprio celebrated his win at a party at a private residence in Los Angeles, which was also attended by celebs such as Lenny Kravitz and Ben Affleck.

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