Lady Gaga Fiancé Has Left The Wedding Planning For Her

Lady Gaga Fiancé Has Left The Wedding Planning For Her


Taylor Kinney – “I leave that up to her,” he said of their mystery plans.
But, Taylor—what day should we mark on our calendars?
“We have a couple in mind, but no set date,” he declared.
they haven’t exactly had a lot of free time since officially becoming engaged. With Kinney shooting in Chicago for his NBC drama and Gaga in Los Angeles for her American Horror Story duties, the couple doesn’t get to squeeze in as much time in the same state as the average pair would. Plus, the last few months’ time has been packed with a Golden Globe win, an Academy Award nomination and a National Anthem performance at the Super Bowl.
“Busy bees!” Kinney said of himself and his “girl.” We’re tired just thinking about that kind of schedule.
The actor met the Grammy winner on the set of her 2011 music video for “You and I.” Fast forward five years later and they’re madly in love and about to say “I Do.”
While a lot is still up in the air about the day they become husband and wife, Gaga has made one thing clear—all hands will be on deck.
“I think if I would’ve denied the women of my life the planning of the wedding, they would probably kill me,” she told Ryan Seacrest. “I have all the help in the world in a way!”

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