Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom “Continue To Be Closer Than Ever” During His Recovery

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom “Continue To Be Closer Than Ever” During His Recovery

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Khloe Kardashian was there when Lamar Odom‘s health took a turn for the worst, and she’s still there during his recovery.

We have observed that the 31-year-old and her ex-husband continue to spend quality time together while he proceeds with his treatment following his overdose last fall.

“When Lamar isn’t in physical therapy he is with Khloe. They continue to be closer than ever. No one really knows what will happen with them in the future,” a sources say, adding that Lamar “has a very positive attitude, Khloe is so proud of him. She encourages and motivates him everyday.”

Furthermore, Lamar seems to be continuously making great strides in his recovery (figuratively and literally). The insider tells us, “Right now, they have him focusing on lower body strength exercises. He makes a little bit of progress everyday, but it’s still baby steps. He went from not being able to even stand on his own, to now, he is almost power-walking.”

We got a sign of that when Kim Kardashian revealed that the former Los Angeles Lakers player joined her and Khloe for a hike yesterday. “Super Soul Sunday time before Super Bowl Sunday time with Khloe & Lamar,” Kim wrote on Instagram with a man who appeared to be Odom.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Khloe confirmed that the athlete is “really good” since his overdose. “His long-term memory is great,” the E! reality star shared. “His short-term memory isn’t so good, but if I met someone earlier today, I probably wouldn’t remember either, so that’s understandable. But he’s great.”

She continued, “He’s hung out with Kourt’s and [Kim]’s kids. He loves family time. So, he’s been doing really good. I think it makes him feel good to be around everyone, too, and to just be in a happy environment over obviously where he was.”

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