Kevin Hart Denies Cheating Allegations & Tries To Make His Pregnant Wife Happy

Kevin Hart Denies Cheating Allegations & Tries To Make His Pregnant Wife Happy

Kevin Hart has finally decided to speak up after some photos from a video surfaced showing him in a doubtful position with an unknown woman.

Lets give you a quick recap on the cheating rumours;

American comic actor, Kevin Hart was caught with an unknown woman in a sedan for over 20 minutes, outside of a luxury Miami hotel around 5:00am.

The eyewitness who brought forth the story claimed that the duo hung out at the LIV nightclub before getting into the car together.

No long after the cheating allegation was made based on the video and photos that surfaced, Kevin decided to make a meme via his Instagram page in other for him to laugh about the whole rumours.

The meme which he tried to sell to fans in other for his fans to ignore the allegations, didn’t work…just because it wasn’t the first time the comic actor was caught in suspicious positions; his first wife Torrei had previously accused him of cheating on her with Eniko, who Hart eventually married last year.

Well, Kevin came out to defend himself by denying the allegations,just the same way he did the first time he was called out for cheating by his ex-wife, Torrei.

He took to his verified Instagram to post a photo and captioned it;

Gotta love the entertainment business….I love everything about it. As a successful entertainer you are forever in the spotlight. It’s a good thing and a bad thing….You can’t love the good and complain about the bad. It’s important to understand that it comes with the territory. The one thing that I was blessed with is a super strong mental. You can never allow others or others words or opinions to affect YOUR mental because your the only one that knows you. My advice to the world is to keep your circles small and your positivity high. People can’t penetrate what you don’t allow them into….Which is my house & my circle. Words to live by people. #LiveLoveLaugh


He was also seen dancing with his wife Eniko, trying to make her happy and forget about the allegation of him cheating on her.


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