Humblesmith Reveals He Has Never Had S*x Till He Came To Lagos

Humblesmith Reveals He Has Never Had S*x Till He Came To Lagos


Nigerian Afropop artiste, Humblesmith whose real name is Ekenedilichukwu Ijemba, recently had an interview with Broadway TV where he opened up about losing his virginity in Lagos and has been proposed romantic relationship from men.

The 26-year-old singer, Humblesmith who gained his ground in the Nigerian music industry after the releasing of his hit single “Osinachi” said he has never been sexually related with any woman before moving to Lagos.

When asked if a man had asked Humblesmith out before, the Ebonyi State-born star said;

“Yes but I’m a straight forward person.”

“I’m not gay so I have to turn the person down respectfully. I don’t disrespect anybody, your sexual life or and whatever, you are on your own.”

Asked the different between Abakilliki and Lagos girls, he said;

“While we were growing up, there were so many beautiful girls around.”

“But we were not that wise. I wasn’t that wise as I am now. You know we don enter street see as dey be. Lagos girls are more exposed than Abakiliki girls. But most of the Lagos girls today are from Abakiliki.”

“All through my stay in Abakiliki I was a virgin. I was a virgin until I left Abakiliki, it was a standard a set for myself. I told myself I will not disrespect my parents.”


We know it seems heard to believe that he stayed a virgin all this while before he came to limelight. But never the less Humblesmith has made a very huge impression in the Nigerian music industry thus far.

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