How To Leave A Healthy Lifestyle

Live healthy, live longer. Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer. A recent study found that four bad behaviours—smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not exercising, and not eating enough fruits and veggies—can hustle you into an early grave, and, in effect, age you by as many as 12 years.

Here is  a list of fruits and veggie you didn’t know perform wonders to the skin and body.

WATERMELON – strong antioxidant

anti inflammatory substance

modest amount of potassium

vitamin A

natural astringent that changes the appearance.


LEMON – vitamin C, calcium, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium.

paves weight for losing weight

the water flushes out toxic

even skin tones and fades spot

healing and toning properties to the skin.


GARLIC – potent medicinal compound called “ALLICIN”

cancer fighting properties

fighting stress and fatigue

treats fungal infections

maintaining healthy liver function.


ALOE VERA – cleansing and repairin

contains most of bio active compounds in plants

gives radiance to the skin

moisturiser for skin

contains enzymes that directly promotes hair growth.


CINNAMON – contains anti inflammatory properties

protects heart health

fights diabetes

may lower cancer

fights infections and viruses

protects dental health and freshens breath naturally


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