#HEINEKENLFDW2016: Fruché Day 2 Runway Recap

#HEINEKENLFDW2016: Fruché Day 2 Runway Recap

heineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7278_bellanaija

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week day 1 has come to a close and here’s your Reel Infotainment Tv Fashion Runway Recap.

Fruché‘s collection was mostly monochrome with pops of primary colours in three looks, red yellow and blue. The designer also used faux leather, and what looks like plastic bags/nylons as details on the pieces.

See the Collection Below:

heineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7047_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7061_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7070_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7078_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7087_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7098_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7108_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7120_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7131_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7142_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7151_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7160_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7173_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7180_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7194_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7207_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7221_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7231_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7242_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7259_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7277_bellanaijaheineken lfdw 2016 fruché_IMG_7278_bellanaija

Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

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