Gwen Stefani Sets To Release New Album: Find Out What She Said

Gwen Stefani Sets To Release New Album: Find Out What She Said

Gwen Stefani

Fans have been eagerly waiting for a brand-new album from the Gwen Stefani, after the release of her hit single “Used to Love You,” It turns out, one Instagram post could indicate that her work of art is coming soon.

On Tuesday evening, the lead singer of No Doubt shared what appeared to be the track list for her latest solo disc. It’s totally early to say what each song means, but fans keep speculating that some of the tunes could be about ex Gavin Rossdale or maybe current boyfriend Blake Shelton.

“This Is What the Truth Feels Like…” Gwen cryptically wrote online as four hearts are drawn underneath the list.

While some titles suggest some pretty deep topics—hello “Make Me Like U”—others sound a bit more romantic such as “You’re My Favorite.”

Maybe we are rushing into conclusions here, but we can’t help but remember some of the things Gwen has said when teasing her latest album.

“I went to the studio and started writing. Well I wrote my first song and it was like a little rosebud just blossoming, and I was like, ‘Wow! It’s happening I can do this!’ I know that every time I go into the studio I’m going to write a song and it’s the most incredible feeling,” The Voice coach told iHeartRadio’s Elvis Duran and the Z100 Show after her divorce from Gavin occurred. “Once I had [“Used to Love You”], all the other songs kind of made sense. It’s just weird—it’s a weird journey.”

Gwen’s fan base continues to wait eagerly for any and all new music. After all, this is the artist who created monster hits including “Rich Girl” and “Hollaback Girl.” Fans continue to anticipate the Album even though Gwen hasn’t mentioned a release date yet.

“I wrote everything in like 8 weeks,” she confessed to Z100. “But I feel like I want to write a few more now that I’m into the next phase whatever this phase is, because I want to see what that is.”

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