Former Rival Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

Former Rival Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump


One week after stepping down from the Presidential race, retired neurosurgeon,Ben Carson endorsed the Republican Party’s frontrunner Donald Trump in Palm Beach last Friday.

Obviously they have both mended any discrepancy between them, saying that whatever happened between them during the campaign trail was just “politics” and it happens all the time.

This is coming as another big endorsement for Donald Trump as he bagged the support of New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie‘s endorsement last month.

Ben Carson, in his speech also called for the unification of the Republican Party party, saying, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He also said that there are two Trumps, the one the public sees, and other Trump, who is a “reasonable thinker”.

Asked whether he would be accept to be the No. 2 man at a Republican Party fundraiser in Broward County last Saturday, Carson said, “I’ve told Mr. Trump that if it was really going to make a big difference I’d be willing to.”

“I looked at the others and I didn’t see path to victory for Rubio or Kasich, and I felt that Cruz was too polarizing and wouldn’t be able to bring across Democrats and independents,” he said on Saturday. “We’re in really different type of environment right now where if you can’t extend your base, you’re not going to win, and I’m afraid of what will happen if we lose” he said.

Trump had earlier said that if he wins, Ben Carson would play a big part in his administration in the areas of education and healthcare.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Washington Times | Photo Credit – Getty Images News

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