CONGO FASHION WEEK DAY is a new concept born from deep thinking about expanding the CFW vision throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It honours different cities in the country through a special program adapted to the life and customs of the region in symbiosis with the Fashion spirit embodied by CFW.

Lubumbashi opens the ball!

One might ask the purpose of “Congo” of the first fashion event in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The answer is just as simple: CONGO FASHION WEEK (CFW) is a national event whose boundaries coincide with the borders of the DRC and Congo Brazzaville.

For the launch of the 6th Edition, the epilogue of which will be held in Kinshasa next October, CFW is honouring, by breaking ground and in premiere, the economic capital of the DRC, the city of Lubumbashi, through a new concept baptized CONGO FASHION WEEK DAY, created and motivated by the desire to always raise the bar for the industry of fashion made in Congo.

Being the economic capital of the DRC, the city of Lubumbashi is the centre of the evolving strategy of Congolese fashion conceived and implemented by CFW. It would still be quite idealistic to talk about the fashion industry without thinking about the centre of the country’s economy.

CONGO FASHION WEEK DAY will give the city of copper special attention through an unprecedented program at the PULLMAN GRAND KARAVIA on Friday 28th July 2017 before continuing its journey to Kinshasa.

Several talented local and international designers will be honoured through high-end pieces and an attractive program consisting of runway shows and other activities carefully designed to provide the best experience to the Lushois.

Perfect meeting for excellence, business and Show biz, CFW will open the door to prominent personalities of the city of Lubumbashi as it did with its previous editions.

CFW has been honoured by the presence of several distinguished figures, including ministers and government officials, Papa Wemba (Patron of the event), Fally Ipupa, Andolphe Dominguez, Florent Ibenge, Alain and Willy Yav, Erick Kasongo and Deo Kasongo, Odia Kabakele, Benedicte Kalombo, Andrea Moloto, and others.

Make Lubumbashi the new reference in fashion; this is CFW’s vision through a special concept that recognises designers of the Upper Katanga province, a major step in the Congolese fashion industry’s evolution.

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