Denola Grey Is The Cover Star For Accelerate TV’s “The Cover” March 2017 Issue

Denola Grey Is The Cover Star For Accelerate TV’s “The Cover” March 2017 Issue

Accelerate TV’s “The Cover” decided to focus their cover issue for this month on freedom. The existence of freedom is something that needs to be discussed according to them and they exploited media personality Denola Grey to be their cover star for their March 2017 issue.

Denola Grey revealed a lot on this issue, especially in Nigeria. He also talked about his career, fashion and more.


On growing up in Lagos and living in America: I think growing up in Lagos helped me get ready for living in America. I was very much an introvert there and kept to myself a lot. I decided to come out of my shell in college and met some of the best people in my life there. Lagos taught me to handle high levels of stress and hustle, and living in America taught me the power of individuality.

On freedom of speech in Nigeria: No it doesn’t? People get taken for speaking up about political issues. They aren’t committing any crimes, they’re merely commenting on the current state of things and they get taken. Look at what happened to 2Baba and Audu Maikori. How does that encourage people to speak up?

On one thing people will be surprised to learn about him: That I am actually extremely shy and super awkward.

On coping with recession: I am working twice as hard and hoping that recession bubble bursts. It’s a lot easier knowing that I’m not in it alone. But man, these are some tough times, I genuinely wish everyone the best keep hustling y’all.

On the meaning of freedom: Freedom for me is being able to be yourself and feel no tension about it. If you’re able to release yourself from societal bonds and do things that make you feel unapologetically free, that’s freedom.

On his career defining moment: So far, it would have to be live-hosting the Fashion Police for the AMVCA’s and also when I made my first TV appearance on El Now. Also, being mentioned as one of the best-dressed men in Nigeria by Vogue Italia was pretty dope. I hope for more defining moments in the future.

On his first love: My first love is me. As self-serving as that sounds, it’s the truth. Everything else that I do is an extension of myself. My personal style is an extension of what I feel inside, manifesting in a physical and tangible way.

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