BET Awards 2016 To Host The Definitive Prince Tribute

BET Awards 2016 To Host The Definitive Prince Tribute

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Stevie Wonder is going to be present onstage, he’ll be joining the 2016 BET Awards’ mega-tribute to Prince tonight, so he gets another shot at being part of a moment that leaves people satisfied, rather than angrily tweeting their disappointment and indignation.

In fact, the BET Awards, which is promising “a tribute to remember,” is planning multiple moments to honor the visionary who transcended genre—as well as every other boundary that’s been cooked up to categorize people in general, let alone musicians and singers.

Which is ironic, considering how many people seem to think that a Prince tribute has to be a certain way. (The same thing happened to Lady Gaga after her perhaps overly kinetic David Bowie tribute at the Grammys, held almost exactly a month after his death, though Madonna was seemingly met with much more vitriol.

BET, which honored Prince with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, is making sure that the glaring flaws seen in the Madonna tribute are not duplicated there.


Sheila E. – “It’s about his legacy,” Prince’s former drummer told Entertainment Tonight about the plan for tonight’s show, which will also feature D’Angelo, Janelle Monáe and The Roots. “Those songs, he left them for us forever. They are forever embedded in all of us, and I think we’re going to have a wonderful time.” She also showed off a new butterfly tattoo she had inked honor of her dear friend.

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