Benjamin Olasunkanmi Chats with Linda Orajekwe for  Vanguard Allure

Benjamin Olasunkanmi Chats with Linda Orajekwe for  Vanguard Allure

Benjamin Olasunkanmi Chats with Linda Orajekwe for  Vanguard Allure

Benjamin Olasunkanmi Olarotimi, is the COO of Aidem Communications Limited, a media agency company, set up 5 years ago. He holds an HND in Business & Management Administration from Lagos City Polytechnic, and a Special MBA Executive programme in Business & Management, at Metropolitan School of Business & Management, United Kingdom
Benjamin, who recently turned 40, has his eye on elective office. His desire to run for the State Assembly is one he hopes to achieve in the next dispensation.

He recently had a 10 mins chat with Linda Orajekwe.

Read some of the exception below: 

You turned 40 recently. How do you feel being a young entrepreneur in today’s Nigeria?

I am immensely humbled that I am one of those entrepreneurs who has evolved, at the right time, in modern ways of solving problems and creating value within our industry. And, turning 40 is a fulfilment as well because when I look back and see the expectation attached to this age bracket, I am proud and happy to associate myself with those positive expectations.

You run a media agency. How much has media changed regarding content and Influence?

The game and the play book has changed; we are now beyond the Digital Age. Consumer behaviour has also evolved. Clients now want more than just a media agency; they need partners who can do much more for less. As a company, we have also adapted well to these changes

How has new media impacted or changed Advertising?

From the way we communicate with our clients to the strategies we devise to reach target audiences, we have seen a drastic paradigm shift. Agencies of today and tomorrow are now looking ahead of the curve. Measurement of performance and results has also been automated more than ever before, so accountability has improved.

How prepared are you to play in Nigeria’s brand of politics? Do you have a ‘godfather’ or a huge pot of money somewhere?

I do not belong to the ‘godfather’ school of thought. I believe we all have mentors and that is what any individual who wants to do the right thing should focus on doing. I have mentors and they are not just politicians and older people.

Finally, as a youth going into politics, what advice would you give to others who may desire to be active but do not have the financial clout?

It is not really about finance; it’s your zeal and interest to sustain and develop your community and be the change you want to see in your city.

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