Alicia Keys Covers Fault Magazine’s Latest Issue ‘Make-Up Less’

Alicia Keys Covers Fault Magazine’s Latest Issue ‘Make-Up Less’


Alicia Keys wears minimal make-up on the cover of Fault Magazine‘s Issue 23.

This is a deliberate move on her part as as she is learning to embrace her imperfections and she talked about her album to the magazine.

Here’s an excerpt of what she said:

On Her Faults:
I’m learning to try and let go of the word “perfection”. It’s not real and it’s a word that tears us down. There is no way to be perfect and no fun in being perfect. You can’t be happy unless you let yourself be vulnerable and make mistakes because we’re always evolving. No one knows it all and I damn sure don’t know it all! I force myself to look in the mirror and own who I am and to own MY beautiful. So what that I have breakouts or so what that my knees are pudgy, there simply is no perfect. Once I can teach myself that there is no perfect and that I am meant to have my FAULTS, that is when I become beautiful.

On Discussing Women’s Issues On The LP:
“I just feel women are the most magnificent species. We are the creators and closest to God. There’s so much to learn about what women go through and what women of colour go through and what womanhood just puts on you. There’s so much to face and learn, so much still to be respected and so much equality still being withheld. The desire to talk about it and discuss the inequality is there, and it’s definitely a theme for me and I have a desire to talk about it on this album and just go further. I just can’t wait for people to hear it.”


Photo credit: Fault Magazine

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