Abiola Segun Williams “Tinsel Star” Covers Genevieve Magazine’s October Issue

Abiola Segun Williams “Tinsel Star” Covers Genevieve Magazine’s October Issue

On the cover of Genevieve Magazine this October is Abiola Segun Williams who plays Titi K, Shalewa’s mum in “Tinsel”.

She opens up for the first time on her battle with Scleroderma an auto- immune rheumatic disease that affects the skin and some organs of the body.

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Talking about her experience, she said “At the early stage, I didn’t know what the problem was. I was my own doctor, I read everything on the Internet that seemed to relate with my symptoms. I noticed my teeth had problems, my limbs became heavy to move, my feet, hands, and face were swollen. I went very dark and my skin began to harden, itch and became very scaly. I was in pain twenty-four seven”’.

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Talking about how she dealt with the many physical changes, she says ‘I basically stopped looking in the mirror. I told myself this was only a phase I was passing through. My face had changed completely. My skin looked absolutely scary. I was as skinny as a rake but my focus was my health rather than how I looked. I was in too much pain now to care about my looks.”

Read more in Genevieve Magazine.

Styling: Ifeoma Odogwu @Hyperfashun
Photography: Moussa Moussa @Iammoussamoussa
Make Up: Joanne Sanni For Zaron @Zaroncosmetics
Hair: Austine Afaha for Tasala Hq @Tasalahq
Fashion Assistant: Annette Odimegwu

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