6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes- How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes- How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Getting a perfect brows may not be all that perfect but with this little trick and techniques, you would be able to get your desirable brows.

Here are 6 eyebrows mistakes you probably didn’t know you are making and the FIX!:

  1. IGNORING YOUR NATURAL ARCH: You do not have to go to the extreme to get another arch while you can just follow the natural arch your eyebrows has. Eyebrows are just meant to be natural and over doing it is just not it.
  2. OVER HIGHLIGHTING THE BROWS: You may feel the urge to accentuate your brows and give it meaning, but you have to take note of every detail that goes to it such as; blending of the concealer to the rest of the face and making it look uniformed with your skin tone, finding the right set of concealers to use for your face and, setting with a translucent powder and so on
  3. THICK HEAVY STROKES: when filling your brows make sure that the lines are light and short not to make it obvious. and make sure you look for the right spaces to fill in.
  4. MATCHING BROW COLOR TO HAIR COLOR: It is a no no!!!…It is not in any beauty dictionary to match your brow color to the hair color, it is not acceptable except you are the queen of pop LADY GAGA
  5. THERE ARE NO PERFECT BROWS: You need to quit trying to find the exact same set of brows, ever heard the quote “brows are meant to be siblings not twin”. The process of trying to get the exact same type of brows, you ruin the entire brows. So a little advise from my humble self to you is that it is not meant to be matchy, that is actually the fun of it
  6. TRIM AND NOT CLEAR: Most of us are guilty about this, we tend to clear all our brows instead of just trimming, but no more. Go to a professional to help you with the trimming or you can do it yourself and also be careful to go according to your natural arch.And voila, you are on your way to a good eyebrow catch!. I hope this post was helpful, comment below if you have any other tips you would like to share.
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