3 Work Outfit Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Have you ever felt you do not belong to the business world because you don’t own any official outfit you can rock to a business gathering?. Are you an entrepreneur, a 9-5 office lady, a mum who wants to go for a parenting day at your child’s school, a job seeker, a student who wants to defend her project, etc. and you are thinking about what to wear to make that very statement you want to make?. Then this post is for you darling. You do not need to break the bank before you can get this essentials.


Yes, I said that. If you are not a fan of wide leg pants, and you do not see a reason to own one, well I hope am able to convince you. Wide leg pants can be worn officially and non officially. You can pair it with a nice chiffon blouse and you are ready to go, or you can go edgy and pair it with a full arms length shirt and be the BOSS!. And the generous thing about owning a couple pair of pants is that you can rock it to whatever events, all you need to do is get the right top and camisoles to it. 


This outfit have been there, and would continue to be here with us all. You just have to appreciate the simplicity the white shirt gives to our style. Very versatile and statement chooser, I recommend this white shirt to anyone in any field of choice, any design, texture, and every season.


I once had a friend who said she never imagined how her life would be like without owning a pair of black blazers. This essential is an essential, every woman should own a pair of black blazers. these are life saving and it would continue to be till I really don’t know. They are affordable and in any design of your taste, it could be a waterfall, crepe, etc. you just name your style and you would see a pair that goes along with it.

And there you have it, already looking chic and ready for the business world. I hope this post was helpful and please comment below to share your favourite essentials.

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