10 Simple Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Beauty is not something that comes natural to every woman. Some have to spend time priming and polishing in order to get the perfect look that they want. While every woman is beautiful in her own right, it is no secret that there are some who look like they spend much more time with their beauty routine than others.

However, this does not mean that every beautiful woman in the world spends hours getting ready every morning. There are hacks or short cuts that you can use to help you to look like you spend hours in the bathroom, while in reality you may only have to spend a few minutes.

Here are few tips and hacks that would help in your everyday beauty routine :

Crush up a sparkly eyeshadow you never use and mix it with clear nail polish for your own custom shade.

Apply baby powder before mascara for thicker-looking lashes.

Use a spoon for an easy winged eyeliner guide.

For natural & effective makeup remover, use coconut oil!.

Vaseline prevents messy self-manicures.

Keep makeup remover next to your bed so you have zero excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to sleep.

If your hair’s too dirty for words but there’s absolutely no chance you’re waking up early enough for a wash, apply baby powder liberally to your roots before bed.

Instantly make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner rim (also known as the waterline) of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil.

Take your eye makeup from a sleek daytime look to something sexier by smudging your liner with a cotton swab to diffuse it into a smoky eye look.

Use a business card to apply mascara.


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